<![CDATA[Eryn Krueger Mekash - Blog ]]>Wed, 10 Feb 2016 16:47:26 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Sucks to be sick]]>Tue, 12 Mar 2013 18:28:52 GMThttp://www.erynkruegermekash.com/blog/sucks-to-be-sickMan, oh, man! I am not a wimp when it comes to sickness. I grew up in the hospital with kidney problems and it gave me a very high threshold for pain. But seriously-this was a really bad cold! My ribs ache from the horrible coughing, my throat was so swollen I could barely swallow. I went to Urgent Care and got a Z-Pak and this drool-inducing cough syrup that just knocks you out but you still cough. Yuck. But the worst part is....RESTING! I am really not good at this! I'm such an absurd multi-tasker that I really had a hard time just watching tv on the couch. I'm also a fairly healthy person and don't often get ill.

Its a bad cold, yes. But I worked nights the week before, did a demo both days of The Makeup Show(lots of shaking hands and talking over the "oonz oonz" rave music"), attended a very fun birthday party that night for my dear friend Monte "Peepaw" Haught and had drinks like I was 21. The next night I went with a bunch of pals to Sound City Players at Jimmy Kimmel-thanks to Stephanie Fowler who is Jimmy Kimmel's personal makeup artist. We danced and hooted and generally made fools of ourselves. I woke up the next morning sick and I was scheduled to do a 3 day commercial outside in the cold and rain  with the also sick Chris Nelson. We were doing cowboy makeup with dirt, scars, teeth, etc. A fun job, for sure! But then there was Cary Ayer's birthday party, my mother and sister-in-law's birthday tea party Sunday, which left me....on the couch. I ended up at Urgent Care with laryngitis, a throat infection and a bad cough. I'm just getting my voice back(completely gone for 3 days). Damn you Pisces peeps! Too much fun in March! I hard REALLY overdone and was paying the price.

To satisfy my need to do more than just sit there, I checked out the Stan Winston School of Character Arts (www.stanwinstonschool.com). My friend Jamie Kelman told me about how cool the videos are and that they can be streamed as well as purchased. I've watched 
"Zombie Makeup-Appliances, Airbrushing, Lenses, & Teeth" with Bill Corso, 
'Blood Makeup Effects- The Throat Slash" with Gary J. Tunnicliffe, "Fake Beard Application" with Lance Anderson, and "Directing Creatures" with Alec Gillis. I've really enjoyed them and I've learned a lot of new techniques. I found Alec's video to be affirmative, as I did a bit of "directing" on "American Horror Story"-helping the directors find the ways to shoot the effects, the puppets, and the makeups. Check them out-there are new ones every week. It is $19.99 a month for unlimited videos, or $19.99 to stream a particular video for unlimited viewing. The dvds can be purchased for $39.99 each if you need them in your sweaty little palms(I refrained-but wanted to. I couldn't wait to watch them, so I streamed them.). I've got two more to watch on painting silicone heads and a beauty and age makeup one. I'm going to get some more-Its a great way to brush up on skills and further your learning.

On a sillier note, I've watched "Breaking Dawn; Part 1 and 2"(hilariously entertaining because of the cheese factor), "Wreck-It Ralph"(so clever), "Ted"(surprisingly good), and a good part of the Harry Potters on HBO(again because they are my life's blood ;). Hoping to watch "Hitchcock" and few others that I missed in the theater-then a walk outside to see the beautiful weather we are having. Take it easy on yourselves out there, folks! And back to the grindstone soon enough.

<![CDATA[March 01st, 2013]]>Fri, 01 Mar 2013 18:28:32 GMThttp://www.erynkruegermekash.com/blog/march-01st-2013March, Already?
It was just Christmas! And I am in the world of dayplaying right now, which means you take everything you are called for. Dayplaying to me means a little time off in-between jobs, and it is really nice! Sometimes I'm working 6 days a week though-never one for resting. 

Last week I worked for Bruce Grayson on the The Oscars(a new,hip,way of reaching the younger generation-I believe it was formerly The 85th Academy Awards;). I had a great time, bff Kimberly Engelman worked on costumes, met new people and worked on the Les Miz performance-all of the actors were from the West End run, the Broadway run. the tour, or the film. They were flown in extra-special to perform by the producer on his own dime. How cool! They were beyond excited. They went crazy whenever Les Miz won an award-including best makeup and hairstyling this year-congrats to Lisa Westcott(in fancy hot pink shiny pants-kudos, you rebel!) and Julie Dartnell. What an undertaking-massive cast, no prep, shot in 8 weeks, out-of-kit makeups and sometimes 8 cameras running at once to capture the singing. Well, done!

I've also been back at my old stomping grounds of Glee. The department head, Kelley Mitchell (formerly my key makeup from the all the way back on the pilot) has been the head over there for the past two seasons and doing a bang-up job. She takes pity on me when I'm not on a fulltime gig and brings me back-I'm like a bad penny! Its fun to see everyone-a lot of the crew and I go back to Nip/Tuck days and its like old home week. I got to work with my pal-o-mines James Mackinnon and Tania McComas too(my "vintage" friends) and do some fun blacklight makeups using Wolfe Brothers Aqua colors. Kelley did extensive research on blacklight makeup and we had one in the trailer to test our finished looks-unfornately skin without makeup on it looks like our old friend The Cryptkeeper. Yikes. I tried not to judge myself too harshly. It stayed on very well with the combo of 50% water and 50% Final Seal. Mike Mkeash did a great skull makeup for me on "Whip It!" a few years back and using this mix it stayed on all day even through sweating. I think Steve Anderson taught me this trick.

I will be doing two demos this weekend at The Makeup Show. The Premiere Products Peeps are doing the debut at this show and I will be joining Kenny Myers, Lois Burwell, Chris Nelson, Mike Mekash and many other wonderful artists.  
<![CDATA[        ]]>Tue, 12 Feb 2013 02:56:01 GMThttp://www.erynkruegermekash.com/blog/1Finally! I did this website all by myself(meaning I didn't ask my husband for help!) and this very nice format website called Weebly. When I clicked on weebly.com, it said " for people who have no skill on computers whatsoever". I knew this was for me!!! I liken learning computers to learning math in high school(not college-my brain grew and I could comprehend ideas by then and not start crying. I was more dramatic then...)

Although I still have some kinks to work out, I'm up and running in three hours. I am so bummed about famehog.com, my go-to for all things pictures, resume, etc. It is being dissolved so I bit the bullet and jumped in creating my own. My great talented pal, Stacey K. Black(who is brilliant at using both sides of her brain-directs, edits, plays about 37 instruments and does hair to pay the bills-although she gets nominated for Emmys for it...) recommended a website for DIY and my eyes unfocused after just trying to figure out how to add my name to a page. Brain-scramble! Does not compute!!! (cue the sirens...)

And now-bloggy! Stokage! I hope you like my simple but efficient website. I wanted to name it something else coo coo, but I just went with my name. Its funny that right in the middle is "germ". I added only pictures of stuff I've done in the past couple of years-I will add more later. Thanks for reading!